Excited To Announce The Launch Of Kaplan Strategic Partnerships

Your Mission, Realized

Your work is defined by not enough time and resources to get it all done in a day – your to-do list only seems to get longer, no matter how many things you cross off. How do I know? I’ve sat in your chair and done the work. I know the expectations and pressure you’re under, and the countless hours you have to work to make it happen, and I know the anguish of coming up just short because the help I needed was just out of reach.

Now that COVID has changed the entire landscape, the gap between your expectations and the resources needed to make them happen has only grown wider.

Today, I’m excited to announce the formal launch of Kaplan Strategic Partnerships. My purpose is to help you succeed and see your organization’s mission realized. 

With COVID turning everything on its head, my questions to you are what do you need to achieve in the next six months to move your organization forward, and how I can help you make this a reality? With over 20 years of experience, I’ll work tirelessly to ensure you meet your goals and support your core mission, exploring new pathways as the landscape continues to shift under our feet.

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