About David

Leader | Changemaker | Innovator
Outside The Box Thinker | Born To Break The Mold

For more than 25 years, I’ve specialized in parachuting into new organizations and communities and hit the ground running with a primary focus on cultural competency. My proven ability to quickly understand the needs, values, and culture of an organization and the community it serves, and then turn that knowledge into action, has resulted in organizational growth and success. I’ve scaled organizations amid natural disasters, leading them through systemic change, and assessed and restructured whole organizations as well as development and communications programs quickly and efficiently under tight deadlines.  

Most importantly, I’ve done all of this as a mission-driven leader grounded in empathy and equity – working tirelessly to tap into customer and client needs. My focus on innovative approaches has positioned organizations to succeed – from new and innovative development programs to strategic growth and programmatic adjustments.

Change-Oriented Leadership

Great leaders work every day to uncover the hidden potential in every employee. My leadership style is geared toward a better future for all of us by exploring potentially new and better ways to drive success. This approach depends on team building, collaboration, the inclusion of all voices, and a willingness to take educated chances on new paths.

Strategically Minded Innovator

Organizational landscapes are continually changing. Throughout my career, I have focused on innovative approaches to position organizations to succeed. From new and innovative development programs to strategic growth and programmatic adjustments, I’ve helped numerous organizations think about how to approach long-term solutions with strategic changes.

Development Professional

With over 25 years of development experience, I’ve done it all from managing call centers, annual giving campaigns, major donor programs, and large and small events. I have a consistent track record of growing organizational revenue, emphasizing diversifying revenue streams, and unique approaches to legacy programs. My strength lies in my emphatic approach to relationship building – with a focus on honest and authentic interactions with funders – building trust and investment in the organizations I assist.

Trusted Communicator

Growth and success rely on the art of storytelling, from fundraising communications, to Op-Eds in the local paper and stories on the evening news, to email and social media interactions – how you tell your story is key. I’ve made a career earning media for organizations I work with, and strategically leveraging resources for the most effective ad buys. I’ve handled crisis communications to national communications in the middle of natural disasters – always focused on ensuring the organization’s mission comes first – and is clearly on display.

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