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Reinventing Your Fundraising Approach – A Pivot Towards Peer-To-Peer

In this environment where social distancing and quarantine have become the norm, Peer-to-Peer fundraising provides an incredibly powerful way to build a sustainable fundraising program by leveraging your supporters’ influence. From events to campaigns, and everything in between, if your organization is not yet investing heavily in building this capacity, you should start right away.

Unemployment Math

This is not intended as a political post – while it may come off that way. This is intended as a follow up to my Op Ed in the Star Tribune, to continue the conversation about unemployment in the age of COVID.

The Star Tribune Is Publishing My Op-Ed

I’m proud to say that the Star Tribune featured my Op Ed regarding my experience being unemployed during COVID – and the inhumanity of the attack on the $600 supplemental UI so many individuals and families rely on.

Pulling Back The Curtain On COVID Unemployment

It’s been a terrible 121 days – quarantining, social distancing, unable to really see friends and my family out east. What it has not been is a “paid vacation” to stay home. As we come to the end of the $600 Federal subsidy to Unemployment Insurance, I find myself filled with fear, turmoil, and frankly – anger.


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