Economic Impact Of Federal UI Subsidy On Work Discouragement – And What Nonprofits Need To Do Next

New research shows that the $600 Federal Unemployment Insurance subsidy did not discouraging workers from returning to work. Now it’s time for nonprofits to show leadership and work to help these families still affected by job loss during COVID.

Pulling Back The Curtain On COVID Unemployment

It’s been a terrible 121 days – quarantining, social distancing, unable to really see friends and my family out east. What it has not been is a “paid vacation” to stay home. As we come to the end of the $600 Federal subsidy to Unemployment Insurance, I find myself filled with fear, turmoil, and frankly – anger.

Reflections on What Charlottesville Means to me: Thoughts From an Executive Director of a Jewish Nonprofit

I remember when I got the job. The country was in flux, a new President was being sworn in, and there was fear bubbling to the surface in many corners of the Jewish community as to what this new leadership would mean. Many, including myself, wanted to hope for the best, yet feared the worst – hoping that our concerns would be proven wrong.